Huf Secure Mobile at ICRS

The mobility of tomorrow, today, with truly contactless car rental, and car sharing

Huf Secure Mobile develops digital authentication and authorization systems for the automotive industry and beyond. The company offers a phone-as-a-key solution for car rental, and car sharing companies that encompasses telematics and fleet management solutions. Our SixSense phone-as-a-key solution makes day-to-day business easier for providers and offers their customers a fully digital user experience.

Car Rental and Car Sharing


SixSense® helps modernize fleets, by enabling truly contactless experiences for customers, while improving operations by providing GPS location, and critical vehicle data straight to your backend. Cloud-based and easily implemented, our solution scales seamlessly and securely.

Booking Platforms

SixSense® supports booking platforms by seamlessly integrating digital access and telematics data into their service offering, giving rental providers powerful tools to improve their business while increasing cusotmer satisfaction.

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If you want to learn more about how our Phone-as-a-Key solution can help you unlock new business opportunities, increased operational efficiency and an all around better customer experience, reach out to us and let us walk you though how we can help. The article “Go digital or go extinct” on Auto Rental News shows how businesses that innovate and go digital will be better positioned to capitalize on the recovery to come.